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Protac Insurance Brokers Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1972. SHDC Sdn. Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of RISDA, acquired PROTAC in 1991 primarily to service effectively insurance related requirements of RISDA and its subsidiaries. From this humble origins the Company has gone on to charter and explore potential markets. 

The mercurial growth in the last three years has been the result of the meticulous planning of our operations that includes very substantially the services we provide to our clients with the focus on customer satisfaction. 

This phenomenal growth is largely attributed to the continued commitment of the management which has developed and introduces innovative cost-effective packages with client satisfaction as the primary consideration.

Our Advantages

Protac will not charge the client for the expert advice and services provided, instead we will get the brokerage fee from the relevant insurance company. The cost of premium coverage via Protac is normally cheaper and competitive because we get it through by bulk purchase.

Protac will ensure the client were cover with full maximum protection and indemnifying against loss and damage which may affect the financial stability and continued operation of the company when losses can be colossal.



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Ia merupakan takaful yang merangkumi kematian biasa, kemalangan, keilatan kekal menyeluruh dan juga penyakit kritikal yang direka khas untuk semua ahli koperasi, kakitangan KKLW dan Agensi - Agensi berkaitan serta ahli keluarga mereka di seluruh Malaysia. 




Tabung Khairat Kematian Pekebun Kecil RISDA (TKKPR) diuruskan oleh Protac Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd

Personal Care

Our Personal are including; Motor Insurance, Personal Accident, Senior Citizen Personal Accident, Houseowner Insurance, Hospital & Surgical, Householders Insurance, Golfers Insurance, Worldwide All Risks and Travel Personal Accident.


Property & General Accident

Fire, Fire Consequential Loss, Industrial All Risks, All Risks Personal Insurance, All Risks Commercial Insurance, Equipment All Risks, Burglary Insurance, Fidelity Guarantee, Money Insurance and Plate Glass.


Liability-Professional Indemnity Insurance

Covers professionals like (architects, engineers, solicitors, accountants, registered medical practitioners) for breach of professional duty.